R&P Group Announces Ian Horsted as Chief Executive Officer (2024)

R&P Group Announces Ian Horsted asChief Executive Officer (1)

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R&P Group Announces Ian Horsted asChief Executive Officer (2)

R&P Group

R&P Group is an Executive Search Firm specializing in Cards, Payments & Fintech Recruiting.

Published Nov 17, 2021

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SIOUX FALLS, SD, November 17, 2021 – R&P Group, a leading Executive Search and Recruiting Firm in the Fintech, Card and Payments Industry, today announced that Ian Horsted has been named Chief Executive Officer.

Horsted has more than 16 years of senior recruiting experience and has spent his career helping R&P Group become the industry leader. He most recently served as R&P Group’s Senior Vice President of Recruiting and is a Partner in the firm.

“Ian is the right leader for R&P,” said Amy DeBerg, Founder and President of R&P Group. “Ian’s compassion, abilities, and diligence have made a significant impact on our success.In this time of unprecedented growth, Ian’s strong leadership, recruiting success, and business development skills will continue to help R&P Group strengthen channel partnerships, develop strategic alliances, and expand our national and international presence.”

“I am honored and excited,” said Horsted. “I believe R&P Group has a great business model and talented team that is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the everchanging landscape in Payments and Fintech.As the industry evolves with tremendous investment, consolidation and innovation, I believe R&P Group will continue to play a vital role in helping clients ensure their continued success and growth by attracting and securing their most important assets—their people.”

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Horsted, a Harrisburg SD native, received his BA Degree in Business Administration from Augustana University.

About R&P Group

R&P Group locates, recruits, and helps clients hire the right person for each job. Specialists in the Card, Payments and Fintech industry, R&P Group is the only industry specific executive search firm with principal consultants who specialize both within the industry and by job function - Sales, Business Development, and Relationship Management; Marketing, Product Development and Product Management; Risk, Finance, Compliance, Operations, and Technology.

Clients Served Include: Fintechs, Financial Institutions, Payment Processors (Issuing & Acquiring), Program Managers, Retailers, Consulting Firms, Payment Networks, SaaS Providers, Mobile/Digital/eCommerce/Alternative Payment/Cryptocurrency companies, Card Manufacturing/Personalization companies, as well as additional companies who provide products and services to the Fintech, Card & Payments industry.

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Ben Bianchino

Senior Director @ Coupa Pay | Payments Expert


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Congrats Ian.

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Carol Palmer-Stewart

VP ,Solution Design at Ubiquity (Remote)


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Ryan Stevens, Insurance Payments Modernization, Sales Director

Enterprise Sales at One Inc


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Congratulations, Ian Horsted!

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Carl Williams, CPCP, APPSC

Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank


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Congratulations Ian!

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Peter Palumbo


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Congratulations Ian! Well deserved. I have always enjoyed working with you and everyone at R&P!

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R&P Group Announces Ian Horsted as
Chief Executive Officer (2024)


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