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Cosmetic nose surgery is an operative procedure where planning a new nose is crucial – considering unique characteristics of the nose and the proportion with other facial elements.

What are the benefits of rhinoplasty?

The advantages of rhinoplasty are reflected in various areas. dr. Fabjan most often performs a nose correction procedure to change its shape and size, but in certain cases,

breathing problems

can also be eliminated with the procedure.

With rhinoplasty, we can improve the symmetry of facial features, enable easier breathing and thereby facilitate everyday activities such as sports, sleep or concentration. With greater coherence of facial features, patients' self-confidence also increases,

which has a positive effect on interpersonal relationships, self-image and overall satisfaction


With us, every nose surgery procedure is fully adapted to your specific needs and wishes, as the face of each individual is unique.

Regardless of the underlying cause of the misshapen nose, rhinoplasty can correct:

- a nose that is too big
- a nose that is too small
- bumps and impacts
- crooked nose
- a bridge that is too wide
- pot-bellied tip of the nose,
- drooping tip of the nose,
- wide nostrils
- as between the nose and the mouth
- facial profile.

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Who is a suitable candidate for nose surgery?

You are a suitable candidate for nose correction if you are dissatisfied with the shape of your nose, have breathing problems or sinus problems. The shape of the nose depends on our genetic makeup and is finally developed during adolescence, so it is necessary to wait until the face has finished growing. Nose correction is performed if you are physically healthy (unless you have a deviated septum/incorrect nasal septum and this is the purpose of the procedure) and you have realistic goals for improving the shape of your nose.

We agree on all this at a non-binding consultation with the surgeon. During the informative consultation, the surgeon gets to know you, examines you, listens to your wishes and advises on the best nose change according to your face. We will take a

holistic approach, which means treating your nose in line with the rest of your facial features

. This will make the result look as natural as possible.

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"In planning a new nose it is very important to consider the unique characteristics of the nose and the proportion with other facial elements."

How is nose surgery performed?

If we meet all your expectations at the consultation, we will determine the date of the procedure. At that time, we will also give you detailed instructions regarding the preparation.

How can I prepare for rhinoplasty?

In preparation for nose surgery, it is important to follow the instructions you receive at the pre-surgery consultation. These will include instructions regarding diet and medication before the procedure. We also recommend that you refrain from smoking for at least a few weeks before and after the procedure, as this can affect the healing process. If possible, also try to avoid stressful situations and

make sure you get enough rest before the operation


Before the procedure itself,

you will not be allowed to eat food for at least six hours and drink liquids at least two hours before


How will nose surgery take place?

Nose surgery is a complex procedure, but in the hands of a qualified surgeon, it should take place without major complications. At Estetika Fabjan, we have been dealing with rhinoplasty for almost 30 years. The duration of the operation depends on the individual procedure, but usually lasts from one to two hours. During rhinoplasty surgery, we reshape and adjust the structure of the nose - bones and cartilage - to achieve the desired shape or correct health problems.

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What kind of anesthesia is used?

The course of the operation depends on the method of reshaping your nose. As a rule, for the sake of comfort, nose correction takes place under general anesthesia, which means that you are asleep.

Will I be in pain during the operation?

The operation does not hurt, as you are under anesthesia in the meantime. Discomfort may occur later, during healing, and is part of the overall recovery.

Course of the procedure

The majority of nose surgeries are performed under general anaesthesia, depending on the size of the procedure. Minor corrections can also be performed under local anaesthesia. The patient has to be completely healthy for the procedure: without cold, stuffy nose, herpes or any other inflammatory rashes on the nose and in its proximity, conjunctivitis or any similar conditions. The procedure is done early in the morning so the patient can leave the clinic in the afternoon on the same day.

After the procedure is finished, tampons are inserted into the nostrils which are then removed after two to three days after the surgery. In this time, the patient has to breathe through the mouth.

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How is the recovery after the procedure?

After the surgery, the patient feels sleepy, and sleepiness goes away that evening and overnight. He or she can also feel nauseous especially if they get up and start to move too fast. Six to eight hours after the surgery the nausea goes away. After the surgery, taking pain killers is usually not necessary. The patient receives antibiotics during the surgery via infusion and then for three to five more days based on the doctor’s judgment. Infection after cosmetic surgery occurs very rarely. In case of

redness, swelling, or fever an immediate check-up is necessary


After the procedure, bruises appear under the eyes which last for seven to ten days. After seven days, stitches and immobilisation are removed. That is also when the patient can go back to work. The pain after nose surgery is usually moderate and lasts for one to two days. After removing the tampons, washing the nose with a spray with saline a few times a day is recommended. After open rhinoplasty, the nasal tip is a little less sensitive. The swelling of the nasal tip persists for a few months, rarely even for a year.

Instructions after the procedure

For at least three weeks after the surgery, intense physical activities must be avoided. Elevated heart beat accompanied by elevated blood pressure can cause bleeding.

Activities can be pursued again two to three weeks after the surgery

. At least four to six weeks after the surgery, contact sports are not recommended as any strong hit on the nose during this period could damage the fixed parts of nasal bones. Medium strong hits on the nose should not damage the bones in most cases.

When the bandage is removed, the nose feels weird when you feel it. The

skin will be a little numb

. If the nasal bones were operated on, you may feel tiny bumps, tissue thickening, or creases. After it heals, they will be significantly reduced.

The results

The results of rhinoplasty are permanent, but the final result can be seen only a few months after the procedure, when the swelling has completely disappeared. Usually, our patients notice an improvement already in the first weeks after the operation, but to fully evaluate the result, it is necessary to wait until the end of healing. This is why it is important to be patient after the procedure and follow all instructions for home care.



The price of rhinoplasty depends on the specifics of each individual and is determined at the end of the consultation.


Basic Plan


  • Individual examination and consultation
  • Surgery
  • Using the best devices
  • Anesthesia
  • Postoperative examination



110 x 97

  • Individual examination and consultation
  • Surgery
  • Using the best devices
  • Anesthesia
  • Postoperative examination
  • Pay in up to 36 instalments without interest and fees



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Rhinoplasty – Fabjan Aesthetics (2024)


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