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Estetika Fabjan



Best Experience

"I have always said that I will not expose my body to the surgical knife. Until I entered menopause. Due to a change in my hormonal system, excess fat began to accumulate in my stomach area. My skin started to sag too. It was already so loose that I could hardly find pants that fit me and would cover my stomach. For this reason, I decided to undergo abderoplasty together with liposuction. dr. Fabjan is a really excellent surgeon. I felt relaxed with him and I completely trusted him regarding the performance of the procedure."

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60 years, abderoplasty

Best Experience


"Every woman wants to keep her youth. Our face is our business card. Especially for women like me, since I work in cosmetics. So that I would not have to decide on a classic facelift later, I decided on a minifacelift at the age of 39. I am delighted with the result."

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39 years old, face lifting

Best Experience


"My biggest fear was that I would look unnatural after the facelift procedure. Just like we see some celebrities when the procedure was not performed as it should have been. But I so wanted to look youthful again. That's why I said to myself: "Luck is on the side of the brave". I am glad that I decided to have a facelift procedure and that I had so much courage to do it. I am happy now that I have the youthful appearance that I always wanted. Thank you dr. Fabjan."

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60 years, face lifting

Best Experience


"After thinking about it, I decided to have a nose job. The operation took place without complications. There was no pain, the swelling was as expected. The anesthesia had a rather depressing effect on me, but the face and voice of Dr. Fabjana calmed down. The doctor called me the day after the operation and asked me how I was feeling, which day was the worst. The next day he removed my tampons and I could already breathe through my nose. dr. Fabjan is truly worth your money and time. If doctors were inspired by dr. If Fabjan and his patients were viewed as human beings, the patients would be much calmer, relaxed and happy, despite the problems that plague them. P.S: Let me not forget to mention that Dr. Fabjan offered transport to the operating clinic, due to the distance from home."

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30 years old, Ljubljana, Rhinoplasty

Best Experience


"I've always been afraid of aging. Just the thought of it made me shudder. When I was 45 years old, my biggest threat slowly started to come true. That is why, at the age of 50, I decided to have a consultation at the Fabjan clinic. dr. Fabjan was extremely kind to me, but I was most impressed by his professionalism. I knew that the decision for a face lift was the right one. It is now five years since the procedure, but I still look like a 40-year-old. Thank you."

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55 years old, face lifting

Best Experience


"I've been fat all my life. I was already 150 kg. It was a result of my depression, because I numbed my emotional world with food. But then one day I decided that I would like to change my life. Specifically. So I started going to therapy, I hired my own personal trainer to lose weight. Unfortunately, despite losing weight, I still have a lot of excess skin. I decided to have an abderoplasty procedure, because the skin on my stomach was the most hindering in my daily activities. I chose between several clinics, but the one who convinced me the most with his approach was Dr. Fabian. Now I can really start "new", because I am completely changed, both mentally and physically. Thank you dr. Marjan Fabjan, for helping me open a new book in my life."

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35 years old, Koper, abderoplasty

Best Experience


"Exactly one year ago, I underwent breast augmentation. I didn't even have an A cup, so from a young age I wanted to have bigger breasts. I do not regret that I decided to take this step, because my life has changed since the intervention. I'm more confident, I don't need to buy swimwear in the children's department, I can wear any T-shirt I want, etc.. I waited for my child to grow a little, because after the procedure you can't lift heavy loads for a while. If this were not an obstacle, I would have decided on the procedure earlier. The seams are almost invisible, I have a 225 ml implant and it is inserted under the pectoral muscle - now I have a full C basket. Finally, my wish came true."

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31 years old, Breast augmentation

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Nose operation

Cosmetic nose surgery is an operative procedure where planning a new nose is crucial – considering unique characteristics of the nose and the proportion with other facial elements.


Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a procedure in which patients get silicon implants inserted in order to enhance the size of their breasts.



Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat from those parts of the body where it cannot be removed either by weight loss or physical activity.


Patient reviews – Fabjan Aesthetics (2024)


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